Tuesday, 24 June 2008

And then there were 2....

So the next greatest thing to my furniture arriving…Buster is now here! For those of you who haven’t had the kind pleasure of meeting him, Buster’s pretty much the coolest dog ever…I mean EVER known to man. I may be biased, but whatever.

After 4 months of fat camp and relaxation at my parents home back in the Midwest (he lost 3-5 lbs!!!) he’s journeyed 1 long car ride, a night in a kennel, 2 plane rides and about 3 hours in customs at the London Gatwick airport. Happily enough, he did remember me (I think!). The whole process of moving a dog overseas is quite interesting….

Apparently the UK has never had any rabies on the island, so they are very strict about letting pets in. In the past dogs have been required to be in quarantine (i.e. doggie prison) for 6 months upon arrival in the UK. It took one mental image of Buster in a striped prison jumpsuit locked up in a cold damp cell to make me think about not taking the little guy over here with me. Luckily, the rules have changed and he just had to have some tests done back in the states before he could come.

So, that being said, all is good in my life now. It actually sort of feels like home, which is a big improvement. Before long, Buster will have marked (peed) on most of this island! I'm not sure if England is ready for this little guy!

British English, NOT American English

Alright, now a lesson in the English language. Originally I thought that moving to England would be relatively easy to adapt because they speak the same language…boy was I wrong. Here’s what I’ve learned thus far:

Person with no friends-----Billy-No-Mates
Inspection, for cars-----MOT (not sure what the acronym stands for)
To Go, as in food-----Takeaway
Temporary Assignment, for work-----Secondment
You’re joking!-----You’re taking the piss!
Pounds (person’s weight)-----Stone (1 stone = 14 lbs)
Sweatshirt/ Sweater-----Jumper
Tired/ Broken/ Messed Up-----Knackered
Bummed Out/ Down-----Gutted
Cash Register-----Till
Stand in line-----Stand in a queue

As if that's not confusing enough (and trust me that's only a START to the vocabulary differences)....there are apparently somewhere in the realm of 30 different UK accents. Again, stupid American, I thought they all sounded like Jude Law and Posh Spice. Keep in mind that I word in a loud environment as well....strange words, loud noise, strange accents I'm not used to...I'm just getting to where I don't have to fully concentrate on a person's lips when they talk to understand what they're saying!

Well, til next time...