Sunday, 1 August 2010

Back By Popular Demand...ish

So it's been a while since I've last written and I can tell you that it's for good reason. See, the strangest thing occurred...I actually started loving life over in England and being a lot less stupid! Instead of writing about what was happening, I was out doing! After living on the beaches of LA for 4 years I never thought I'd like it in this cold, wet, tiny island called the United Kingdom (minus Northern Ireland). But I think I've learned a little something about myself and about life. So as I gear up for my final 8 weeks in England I thought that instead of sharing my stupid moments (although there will be a few!) I will share what I've learned to love about this place and what horrifies me about returning to America.

I guess I'll start with something one of my mentors from work has taught me. This particular person has moved back and forth to America and 3 places in Europe with wife and 3 kids in tow. He said that you have to make a conscious decision that wherever you live right now is your home. You don't go 'home' for Christmas, you go to see friends and family. If you're constantly thinking about going home, you'll never enjoy what you have and just live.

So here's to me living life in the place I've come to call home in the Northwest of England....