Friday, 30 May 2008

Homeland Insecurity?

One thing I have learned in my short time here, is that the UK takes security of information very seriously. Let me explain my banking situation.

Upon arriving, I of course needed to open a bank account here. So, I identified the bank I wanted to join and went in with passport, work permit, and a bill with my name/address on it. After some struggle (they didn’t like that I didn’t have a 3-year credit history in the country), they agreed to open a debit account for me. Lovely.

In order to use my account, I require the following:
-Sort code (indicates the branch holding my account)
-Account #
-Member # (separate 10-12 number code for logging in online)
-Online login password
-Debit card #
-Debit card pin # (separate from other passwords)
-Secret code word (when logging in online it requires me to enter various letters of the word—even if my login and password are correct)
-Telephone banking member #
-Telephone banking pin # (different from other pin and password)
-Debit card reader (my favourite) – when logging in online, I have to insert my debit card, get an 8 letter password, enter it online…did I mention it’s the size of a calculator?

I may be wrong, but isn’t this a little overkill? Couldn’t we consolidate passwords a bit? I can barely remember how to login to my various online accounts that JUST require a password. Then I think…well why isn’t the US as strict?


Dean said...

online usernames/passwords drive me nuts too, but it does seem like your bank is really going the distance to protect your little debit account!

MIke said...

With all the stipulations and regulations, and with the calendar so odd over there, handling matters seems to be more of an international task than us Americans are used to. Thus, I will try to get my message over there in this manner - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON FRIDAY!!! I didn't forget, and guessing a lot of the blokes over there don't know. Hope you have a good one, whatever you find yourself in the middle of in your adventures!!!

Love ya - Deak

Susans Stupid Moment of the Week said...

Dean--aren't you the almighty enforcer and ruler of passwords?:) And yes, my debit account is little:(

Susans Stupid Moment of the Week said...

Thanks Deak!!! I need all the help I can get!

MIke said...



Just trying to look for my girl out in international waters...apparently no one on the island is doing you any favours (hehe, British spelling), head to the ATM, get yourself a few pounds, a pint, and some tasty fare and find yourself a jolly rest of the day.

Have a good one, someone in the states is thinking about

Jason said...

Oh, the UK banking system. I had to do the same thing while I was working over there. BUT JUST WAIT! When closing it, I had to go through the same huge process of questions and answers, versus them just giving me the $$ in the account and closing it. But hey, if it was normal, it wouldn't be a story to tell later! Jason Lewis