Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The Age-Old Dispute of the Long Commute

Ah yes, always one of the most crucial factors when accepting a new job or finding a new place to call long is the commute to work? Now, I've traveled anywhere from 5-45minutes each way to work, none of which I thought were particularly far. I now live (according to Google Maps) 14.9 miles from my place of employment, and it takes me around 15-20 minutes to get t work. I think that's just right and pretty average, right? You would not believe how many people are SHOCKED when I tell them how far I drive. The comments are usually something to the effect of 'Wow, that's far!' or 'How do you deal with the commute?' Seriously? There were coworkers of mine in LA that traveled 2 hours EACH WAY to that's crazy!

You know how when you're talking to someone and you would like them to call you to give you information about something? Well generally, I would say 'Gimme a call'. Over here, the common phrase is 'Give US a call' or 'Give us a bell'. Does 'us' no longer refer to the plural, indicating more than one person? Very strange indeed.

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Joshua said...

Google puts me at 1.7 miles from the plant.

But in the North Dakota winter, that's like 48 miles barefoot.

mike said...

I live about 300 feet from the office, so I don't deal with any of that hassle. Good or bad, not sure. But I drive all over the place for coverage, which would lend to some of those experiences. But we don't have a super highway near here, so can't help much on that.
Trust your instincts, not an animated GPS!